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Gpk电子游戏 THRU-AIR Bonding

All Gpk电子游戏 THRU-AIR® bonders are designed with proven results and using one of our system models that have been tailored to meet the specific needs of the wide range of nonwovens applications.

Flexibility for superior quality

Gpk电子游戏 is the leader in Thru-Air Technology; manufacturing rotary and flatbed Thru-Air systems for a full range of products. Thanks to our air flow and temperature distribution system designs, Thru-Air systems from Gpk电子游戏 provide the highest thermal efficiency and the lowest temperature and through air velocity variation in the industry. Machine speed, temperature, and air speed through the sheet are easily regulated, optimizing the drying process for superior quality of the final product.

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Put quality first with the THRU-AIR Bonder

Nonwoven web producers now have an opportunity to invest in cost competitive equipment without compromising production quality. The Gpk电子游戏 THRU-AIR Bonder is a high-performance, cost-effective solution for producing premium quality nonwovens products.

Gpk电子游戏 has been supplying high-performance bonders since 1968; the latest design is derived from Gpk电子游戏’s years of experience in through-air bonding and is designed to provide maximum value to the producer.

The Gpk电子游戏 THRU-AIR Bonder allows for premium bonding because of the exceptional temperature and flow profiles. It has a compact size which enables efficient space utilization. The roll-out design allows for easy and accessible maintenance as safety is always a priority.

Further, the Bonder is designed to support carbon neutral operation by accepting alternate heat sources.


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With this invention, we can now offer the opportunity to make premium grade products at a competitive cost, which in turn can lead to an increased market value for you as a nonwoven web producer.

HONEYCOMB® THRU-AIR thermal bonding

Gpk电子游戏 designs systems to meet all your thermal bonding needs. The revolutionary design of the HONEYCOMB ROLL, with 96% open area, is the heart of Gpk电子游戏's advantage. With diameters ranging from 16 ft. (4.9 M) down to 12 in. (0.3 M) and encompassing applications from drying and hydro-entanglement to tensioning and web transfer, our custom designed shell construction meets the most demanding process requirements.

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The revolutionary design of the HONEYCOMB ROLL

Maximize uniform airflow and lower energy usage

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