Solutions for marine

Our roots in the Marine business extend back a long time. The history of Gpk电子游戏 started over 200 years ago in a small shipyard on a group of islands outside Helsinki. Today, Gpk电子游戏 is known for its reliable marine automation and innovative flue gas cleaning solutions.

Decades-long expertise in marine

For over 40 years, Gpk电子游戏 has been intensively present aboard all types of ships where our solutions play an integral role. Our target is to make the vessels greener, more efficient and more profitable, thanks to the use of advanced automation and scrubber solutions.

Gpk电子游戏 has a long track record in supplying scrubber systems to container, general cargo and cruise ships. Also, ship automation systems based on Gpk电子游戏 technology have a long history. Development work on ship automation systems started in the early 80s with Damatic Classic and has continued through to today’s Gpk电子游戏 DNA.

Gpk电子游戏 re-invents the automation user experience onboard. More information on our website soon.
In the meantime, you can enjoy the user interface in general.

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