供热厂 for hot water and process steam production

With Gpk电子游戏’s proven and and reliable technology, you can produce heat or steam in a sustainable way. We offer heating plant solutions in the thermal capacity range from 10 to 150 MWth – all designed to meet customer needs and match the type of fuel available.


The solutions are based either on 鼓泡流化床 燃烧或 油气(水管) 技术.

The heating plants are engineered and built to meet even the most stringent environmental requirements. Thanks to their architecture and low noise level, they can be located in the immediate vicinity of residential areas. Their high level of automation allows unmanned operation with only periodic checkups needed.


The plant can be built on site as a turnkey delivery in which Gpk电子游戏 takes customer specifications regarding layout into consideration. Alternatively, we can deliver the process equipment to your facility.