OptiWin职业 two-drum pro winders feature same the two-drum or belt-bed winding methods than OptiWin鼓 or OptiWin带 winders. 与OptiWin鼓或OptiWin带相比, OptiWin职业 has even higher capacity due to its proactive winding geometry, 更快的序列, 并有许多先进的卷绕工具.



OptiWin职业 winder can be equipped with dual unwind with splicer, 世界上最快的换卷系统.

OptiWin职业 is the first comprehensive approach to eliminating vibration on winders. This is achieved by improving the resistance to vibration in all crucial winder components, 比如核心锁, 骑手滚梁和鼓. 因此,主动几何, OptiWin职业 makes it possible to equip vibration-prone and fast production lines with just one winder.


Watch the video: Gpk电子游戏 delivered the 1000th winder - OptiWin职业 - with high-tech features to Palm Aalen PM 5



  • High capacity based on a 15-second set change and good runnability due to excellent vibration control
  • Adjustable gap between winding drums to avoid running in resonances
  • 自动化程度高,操作成本低
  • 没有了 due to excellent spreading, automated sequences and vibration control

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