Gpk电子游戏 service center in Štětí, Czech Republic

Gpk电子游戏 local service center in Steti, Czech Republic

Opened in 2004, the Štětí Roll Service Center is the most modern service center in the Czech Republic. Its convenient location permits rapid, cost-efficient local roll service and can even serve the neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gpk电子游戏 Štětí offers modular roll maintenance solutions to its customers to provide maximum roll performance. Furthermore, long-term roll service agreements are part of Gpk电子游戏 Štětí's offerings. These full-scope arrangements offer our customers the best value in terms of improved reliability and reduced roll life cycle costs.



Accurate roll grinding is carried out using advanced 3D measurement. Štětí’s services even include roll upgrades and high-quality roll balancing according to customer’s request with a possibility to on-site balancing. In addition, Štětí offers spreader roll services for long-term cost reductions and guaranteed spreading reliability.


Gpk电子游戏 service center in Steti, Czech Republic

Modular maintenance solutions for all types of rolls

Roll agreements

Spare parts services


Gpk电子游戏 Czech Republic, Štětí Service Center
Gpk电子游戏 s.r.o.
Litoměřická 272
CZ-411 08 Štětí
Tel: +420 416 813 100
Jan Valeš
Senior Manager
+420 602 664 289
Luboš Novák
ROL Project Manager
+420 724 537 660
Vít Tesař
ROL Project Manager
+420 725 830 393
Vitold Kurek
Service Specialist
+420 739 368 884
Luboš Huja
Grinding Workshop Supervisor
+420 724 102 807
Viktor Weikert
Roll Service Supervisor
+420 608 301 050
Michal Brož
Roll Service Supervisor
+420 607 088 320