Gpk电子游戏’s 的行为准则 guides the behavior and decisions of Gpk电子游戏’s employees and its partners. The code sets the standards of responsible behavior for the company and each individual employee, and creates a uniform foundation for all our ethical business transactions and work assignments.

The 的行为准则 covers sustainable business principles, 人与社会, 和环境的责任. It also guides how to report possible misconduct to effectively address any unacceptable behavior and to ensure the Code applies to everyone, 无处不在,每天.


Gpk电子游戏 encourages our employees and stakeholders to speak up and raise concerns, if they notice any violations of our Code, 其他不当行为, 或不道德的行为. Reporting misconduct is our responsibility at Gpk电子游戏 as it ensures that our Code applies to everyone, 每一天每一处.


Gpk电子游戏's anonymous reporting channel enables its stakeholders to report any violations or breaches of the Code. A report can be made 24/7 via telephone or Internet in native language. The reporting channel is maintained by a third party to guarantee anonymity.


This applies to processing of personal data in Gpk电子游戏’s whistleblowing hotline. If you are a reporter wishing to remain anonymous, limit the information about yourself to a level not allowing identification.