Smart steam profiling for quality and savings

Gpk电子游戏 IQ蒸汽分析器

The Gpk电子游戏 IQ蒸汽分析器 is the highest efficiency steam profiler family on the market. They increase production capacity and improve moisture profile while decreasing energy consumption.

The Gpk电子游戏 IQ蒸汽分析器 is a multizone steam application system that provides high steam profiling accuracy through an advanced actuator with real-time position feedback. Featuring advanced steam injection technology that maximizes absorption efficiency and temperature increase, the Gpk电子游戏's steam profiling solution delivers the highest dryness possible after the press.

The modular, compact design is customizable for all applications. A removable diffusion plate can be either polished or Teflon-coated to make cleaning easier and ensure long-lasting performance.



The innovative design and dimensioning of the steam flow from the steam profiler contribute to long, uniform and gentle steaming for optimum heat transfer efficiency and energy savings. You get smooth steam distribution in cross direction as well as accurate zone definition in moisture profile control resulting in better quality and higher production capacity.

The unique electromechanical actuator with position feedback for high-temperature applications provides superior positioning accuracy compared with conventional pneumatic actuators. The latest automation technology from Gpk电子游戏 is built into the control station for the actuator.


一种小型蒸汽剖面仪, hard and multinip calenders in online and offline applications, the IQ 蒸汽分析器 is suitable for uncoated paper and board grades, 以及一些涂层等级, achieving improved paper quality and better overall printing properties.

The IQ 蒸汽分析器 controls gloss and smoothness profiles in both cross and machine directions. The system has been designed to eliminate two-sidedness of the end product to assure uniform paper quality. Two cross-directional headers ensure the profiler is absolutely drip-free whether installed above or below the web. The first steam-drying header collects all the condensate that may come from the steam supply, ensuring that only dry steam reaches the profiling header.


  • Dramatically improve gloss and smoothness levels
  • Achieve even smoothness, gloss and caliper profiles simultaneously
  • 控制和消除两面性
  • 提高CD的变异性和可印刷性

for tissue

The Gpk电子游戏 IQ蒸汽分析器 has an excellent track record in dryness improvement and in profiling performance. tissue mills have seen their moisture 2-sigma decreased by 80% with dryness after the press section increase by 3% and more. Gpk电子游戏 steam profiler system also lowers hood gas consumption while keeping the hood temperature steady.

Flat and curved profilers are available for all wire and press applications with zone spacing down to 60 mm. The patented design of the IQ 蒸汽分析器 helps prevent fiber build-up. An automatic washing system cleans the entire diffuser plate when needed keeping manual cleaning to an absolute minimum. With a clean profiler, performance remains steady and reliable.


  • 增加生产能力
  • 节约能源
  • 降低生产成本
  • 更好的产品质量


The Gpk电子游戏 IQ蒸汽分析器 improves quality and accelerates production through controlled optimization of liner temperature and moisture. Narrow zone spacing and our patented diffuser plate hole pattern ensure smooth and accurate steam application in both MD and CD directions.

Two cross-directional headers keep the profiler absolutely drip-free, and the heating system ensures that the steam shower is always hot and ready for application. An optional electromechanical actuator with position feedback for high-temperature applications provides the positioning accuracy of 0.蒸汽阀06mm.


  • 提高胶水的渗透性和粘合性
  • Minimize washboard effect with the better gluing process
  • Control warping through optimal liner moisture
  • Increase machine speed, especially on high-grammage grades
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